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. >> they certainly are. paula newton reports it is the only safe legal injection site in all of north america. have a look. >> reporter: 16 years ago vancouver's downtown east side had the highest rate of hiv infections in the developed world. a sad statistic that illustrates the dangers of sharing needles. over the last decade things have improved for people whose daily life is controlled by their addiction. always seeking out the next fix. kicking the habit is not a reality for everyone. >> the way in north america we deal with addiction is ridiculous. we look back in history and think why do we treat human beings in such a brutal way? >> reporter: mark townsend is a supervisor of this place that stops people from dying on the street from infections or overdoses. >> it didn't seem to us to be fair that the sentence for the addiction in someone's life was death. >> reporter: vancouver's drug addicts now have a unique resource located at 139 east hastings street is north america's only supervised injection center, a place to bring your drugs and use them. this unassuming building that has blown wid
. the lack of an arrest is one of the reasons that she was struggling emotionally. paula newton is "outfront." >>> bullying needs to stop. >> reporter: there is little solace for some at this vigil, lighting candles, they tried to comfort one another. ♪ she is tired and old >> reporter: but in remembering ratea parse sons, they can't forget how she was let down. >> i wish the people would have stood up for her. more people should have fought for her and they didn't. and everybody who didn't should be ashamed. >> reporter: 17-year-old died after trying to hang herself. the canadian teen's family said she was raped by four boys in 2011 and then hue mill yalted and bullied after a photo of the allege incident was texted to high school classmates. canada's prime minister echoed the message of everybody. >> you're sickened. >> he went on to say that it's clear some bullying may now be crossing the line into criminal activity. in this time of reflection and rage, politicians, justice, and school officials are admitting they needed to do more. >> and it just cannot go on anymore. somebody has to
of online bullying began. no charges were ever filed in that case. paula newton is following this story from ottawa, canada. paula, when the attack happened a year and a half ago now we understand, police said there wasn't enough evidence to file charges. have they changed their minds now? >> they're not saying that they've changed their minds, fred. what they are saying is, look, we're going to take a fresh look at the case. so that means that they're going to look at how they handled the evidence they have and pleading with people to come forward with more evidence. but the province itself is looking at how the school board might have handled this, how any official could have done something to really look at the bullying situation before it got out of hand and what steps were taken. but, you know, this is causing outrage here in this country obviously also online for many reasons that people can relate to. fred, even our prime minister steven harper is saying, look, i'm raising a teenage daughter. of course this whole thing sickens me, but i want you to listen now to what he said after tha
on this, to paula newton on the phone in ottawa. and, paula, we understand there have been some arrests. what are you learning? >> well, i am learning that the police will brief us within half an hour, brooke, and one rcn police source telling us this was a plot, that was to target transport links in canada. would not say exactly what the nature of that was. and they say they had this plot, that people involved in this plot under surveillance for some time, they decided to make the arrest. brooke, we should point out that as of now there are no links to the boston marathon bombings. and no links to an earlier plot we learned of in algeria earlier this year where two canadians were also implicated. right now, this seems to be a plot that rcnp here in canada are uncovering. they'll give us more details in a few minutes. i should also say, brooke, this was apparently extensive help from u.s. intelligence and authorities. brooke? >> how long had authorities been watching these suspects? is there any indication? >> there is an indication it was at least several months. i can tell you from wh
. paula newton is in ottawa with the latest. paula, how close were they to actually carrying out the attack? >> reporter: erin, police are saying the attack was not imminent at all but say the threat was real that these people wanted to kill people, they wanted to hurt people. they were sensitive about the fact that the attack was not imminent. why? they were listening in on this plot and putting the pieces together, bugging their homes and cell phones to try to figure out what the plot was about. they were not canadian citizens and in the country several months and they were tipped off by the muslim community that they apparently led them to believe these two people were plotting something. they didn't know what and that gave them the tip off to bug them. congressman peter king says this was a train from toronto to new york. that's something that police here will not confirm for us. certainly chilling details about that kind of a mass attack which we know comes out of the play book for al qaeda. again, trying to lay a bomb and they say hurt people, kill people and cause economic
came from? paula newton is "out front." >> reporter: the flags are lowered even on norfolk street, the place the tsarnaevs called home. sobering reminder that this isn't over. there is still much to learn about the suspected bombers and their motives. >> you know, my window looks over their bedroom window. >> reporter: for mary silverman, the mystery started when she wasn't allowed to go home. >> law enforcement said you can't go in. i said, why can't i go into my house? he said we're afraid of explosives and then i was thinking that they made the explosives inside the house. >> reporter: silverman is terrifyingly close to where the suspects could have put together their plan and their bomb. >> blinds are always drawn over there? >> always. never had them open. seemed odd to me. >> reporter: the fbi has confirmed to cnn they are still on the hunt for explosives and still questioning people. a short distance away -- >> i can see a bullet on the left of that window in the second floor. >> and you didn't even know? >> no, we didn't notice that. there was so much shooting. >> reporter
support from al qaeda in iran. authorities stla is no link to the boston bombings. cnn's paula newton is in ottawa with the latest. paula? >> police say the attack was not imminent at all. they say the threat is real. these people wanted to kill people. they wanted to hurt people. they were very sensitive about the fact that the attack was not imminent. why? they were listening in for months on this plot. they were putting the pieces together, bugging homes and cell phones to find out what this plot is about. they were not canadian citizens. they had been in the country for several months. and, erin, they were also tipped off by the muslim community itself that they apparently led them to believe that these two people were plotting something. they didn't know what. and that's what gave them the tipoff to be able to bug them. peter king says this was indeed a train from toronto to new york. that is something that the police here will not confirm for us. there are chilling details about that mass attack. that comes right out of al qaeda. they say the bam was to hurt people, kill people
a year. u.s. homeland security and the fbi were also involved. i want to bring in paula newton who's on the phone from ottawa, canada. paula, what do we know about the case right now? >> well,s right now we no that -- montreal, 30 years old, was arrested as was a 35-year-old. a plot to derail trains, police are characterizing this as a real threat to kill people, hurt economy.and a threat to the you know, they are cautious in saying that this was an imminent threat but it was not an aimminent but no less a very real threat. what's interesting here, jake, is they refused to release any information regard the search warrants. i tell you they have a good handful of plots under surveillance right now, and i've been briefed on a few of them. what they do is they continue from the very instant they seize on communication or anything that is suspicious, they then start to try and gain the authority to be able to bug their mobile phones, bug their homes, do whatever they need to do to keep the public safe. it seems to be what's happened at this point in time. they still say that the search
a chilling attack in canada on those trains. >> interesting. paula, appreciate it. paula newton reporting. >>> just ahead, one of the boston bombing survivors, a remarkable young woman. i spent time in the hospital with her today. young dance instructor. she describes what it was like to come out of surgery and be told they couldn't save her foot. she says she will dance again. she's got a great attitude concerning what she's lost. she would be the first to tell you her anger is very real and very justified. >> are you angry? >> i am angry, yeah. i am angry. yeah. i'm angry. yeah. i'm mad that this happened. i'm mad this happened to me. i mean, that sounds selfish but i think adam's mad it happened to him, too. unning work of tech. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. and the first-ever es hybrid. with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than goo
even derail or target a train from canada into the united states. paula newton, cnn, ottawa. >> iran denies all allegations that al qaeda is operating inside its borders and deny nice connection to the terror plot in canada. >>> here is something you may want to me if you're taking a trip. the u.s. transportation security administration is holding off on a plan you may have heard of to now allow passengers to carry small knives on commercial aircraft. just three days before the new rule was to go into effect. the tsa was under pressure from lawmakers and others who are worried that the change might compromise flight safety. no one really wanted to see those knives on board. officials say they will delay the rule so they can further review comments from the public. among the most vocal opponents, no surprise, unions representing flight attendants. >>> the fbi's top ten most wanted criminalist is down to nine tonight. 31-year-old eric toth was a former private school teacher in washington who is wanted on child pornography charges. officials say the explicit images were discovered on a
. >> it is such a tragic story. the 17-year-old was taken off life support a week after hanging herself. paula newton is joining us live from ottawa, canada. it is such a tragic, tragic story. i understand that her mother now is speaking out about her life, her death and the circumstances around all of this. >> yeah, suzanne. imagine how tough it is for this story -- for this family to really talk about this story so soon after she died. they're going to have a funeral for her this weekend. but her mother saying, look, i want everyone to know what happened to my daughter, and i want to know how it happened. so apparently her daughter was at a party, everyone started drinking. her daughter says at least four boys gang raped her. what happened afterwards, suzanne, was a picture of this alleged incident was circulated on social media. and after that her mother says that the bullying, the insults were just relentless. i want you to hear now from lea parsons. >> one girl that was her friend put on her status, sluts need to leave this school anyway. just bullying and boys that she didn't know send her mess
's very controversial here. paula newton, she actually talked a little about this. it's a needle injection place, a site where they have stainless steel booths to shoot up drugs complete with nurses who are overseeing this process. and the idea is to stop addicts from sharing dirty needles and overdosing. this week paula's telling us about an alternative for people who don't actually want to go to those sites. >> reporter: within these few blocks of downtown vancouver, hundreds of people inject drugs every day. discarded syringes and crack pipes are signs of the squalor in one of north america's most affluent cities. not all of the neighborhood's addicts are able or willing to come to insite, so insite has developed a program to come to the addicts. mariner james drives insite's mobile needle exchange handing out clean equipment to locals. these are crack kits we put together contains a mouthpiece, a glass pipe, alcohol swab, set of screens, band-aid and a lighter. lastly, we put together a safer injection kit, swabs, gauze and the needle itself. and this is really the essentials for stayi
extremist and died a violent death in russia. the man's father is now speaking out. paula newton has been digging into this story in canada. she's now in boston with more. what are you finding out, paula? >> well, wolf, it wouldn't surprise anyone to learn that these two men did have a connection. the problem is right now, wolf, no one knows what kind of a connection they had, and there's no proof. take a listen. it couldn't have been easy. tipping off russian authorities about his own son and his link to extremists. >> no friends, no father, no mother, only this is room. that's it. i don't know what's happened. >> reporter: william went from being a russian immigrant in canada trying to fit in, an aspiring boxer, a college student, to an active islamic militant in dagestan. in july of last year, he was killed in a shootout with russian security forces, and just days after that, tamerlan tsarnaev left dagestan in a hurry and flew from russia to the u.s. at issue now, did the pair know each other? did they meet in dagestan? could his friend have offered any material or inspirational help i
at the boston marathon. let's go straight to cnn international security correspondent paula newton in ottawa, canada. she has the very latest. tell our viewers what we know about this alleged plot involving al qaeda elements in iran. >> reporter: well, police here saying really that it was a real threat to kill people, to hurt people, but they do stress, wolf, it was not an imminent threat but a real one. they had these men under surveillance for several months, two young men, one 30, one 35. neither are canadian citizens and they have been here for several months. they do say there was a certain amount of surveillance done at the train station to try and determine exactly what kind of character the plot would take. what's key here is they're executing search warrants. those search warrants will show if they do indeed find the elements of any kind of equipment that would have helped in their derailment plan or if they were still in what we call aspirational stages of a plot. and police were very clear with us, wolf, that they still don't know that. the other thing, wolf, that's intriguing an
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)